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Why Organic?

Producing organic cannabis not only benefits the product, but also uses greener and more sustainable agricultural practices.


Organically grown to ensure premium quality, our product’s unique traits and features make it one-of-a-kind.


We have built a facility that is designed to limit energy consumption.


We use clean, eco-friendly methods and techniques to ensure minimal waste is produced.

Our Vision

Wio is a product of the shared goals of two ambitious entrepreneurs: Maxime and Olivier. Their combined efforts led them to build a company with a unique and innovative business model that always places people at the forefront of its thought process. By favouring innovative and sustainable techniques, Wio is able to produce a superior quality product, which in turn benefits the local economy and ensures that the company will continue to evolve in a healthy and prosperous environment.

Our products are now available in stores! You can find more than 7 articles from our certified organic culture in the whole province, under Wio’s brand and its partners.

Wio is coming all over Quebec

We have obtained 4 tax credits and subsidies to support our development! We are participating in the Virage Vert waste management program; the Écoperformance greenhouse gas reduction project; and the Stratégie Jeunesse research & development and youth entrepreneurship support project.

Good financial news

Wio is hiring! We are always looking for new candidates who are motivated and inspired by our company. Are you interested in production or refining? Write to us, we want to meet you!

The team is growing

Our products

Discover our range
of organic products available in all branches!

Our latest developments

Wio Culture is proud to share with you our most recent achievements.
We contribute to the local economy by offering top quality products grown using our unique expertise that combines the latest scientific developments with the fundamentals of organic horticulture.

Organic cannabis

Wio Culture

Become a Partner

Would you like to contribute to Wio’s success? Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Saint-George de Beauce


Saint-George de Beauce

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